In this page we offer a non-exhaustive list of people working currently (or having worked recently) on issues more or less related to the interrelations of oppositions with geometry. This comprises of course in primis the groups OG and LG. With that respect, the use of colours will be a symbolic shortcut for labelling the methodological framework adopted: green will represent people developing OG (Oppositional Geometry), whereas blue will represent people developing LG (Logical Geometry). Further colours can be suggested for future uses (feedback welcome).

  • Angot-Pellissier Régis (mathematician, logician)
  • Arndt Peter (mathematician)
  • Béziau Jean-Yves (logician, philosopher)
  • Bianchi Ivana (psychologist of perception)
  • Campos-Benítez Juan Manuel (philosopher and logician)
  • Cavaliere Ferdinando (philosopher, logician)
  • Chatti Saloua (logician, philosopher)
  • Chow Ka-Fat (linguist, logician)
  • Demey Lorenz (logician, philosopher)
  • Dubois Didier (computer scientist)
  • Guitart René (mathematician)
  • Jaspers Dany (linguist, logician)
  • Joerden Jan C. (lawyer, logician)
  • Kienzler Wolfgang (philosopher)
  • Luzeaux Dominique (mathematician, robotician)
  • Marcos João (logician)
  • Mélès Baptiste (logician, philosopher)
  • Moretti Alessio (philosopher, logician)
  • Nicolas François (philosopher, musicologist)
  • Pizzi Claudio (philosopher and logician)
  • Prade Henri (computer scientist)
  • Sart Frédéric (mathematician, logician)
  • Savardi Ugo (psychologist of perception)
  • Schang Fabien (philosopher, logician)
  • Smessaert Hans (linguist, logician)
  • Strößner Corina (logician, philosopher)